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Compass Mints are now 100% vegan! One might think that all peppermint pastilles are vegan. However, many products contain animal ingredients that make them unsuitable for vegans.

The Production Process

Why are most candies and lozenges not vegan? The answer lies in the manufacturing process. Most confectionery manufacturers use ingredients of animal origin to make their products tastier and more appealing – for example for color, texture or taste improvements. Release agents based on animal fats are also often used in manufacturing. This makes it difficult for vegans to find vegan breath fresheners that meet their dietary needs.

Compass Mints: As Natural as Possible

The production of our vegan mint pastilles requires the careful selection of ingredients and their composition to ensure consistently good taste and effectiveness. This process begins with the selection of plant-based ingredients, mostly natural flavors, sweeteners and glazing agents.

It is very important to us to use ingredients of sustainable origin and try to produce Compass Mints as naturally as possible. Artificial flavors are almost completely avoided and only high-quality, natural essential oils are used. In fruit varieties, the taste is refined with fruit powders made from real fruit. You will not find sugar or the controversial sweetener aspartame in Compass products either.

Compass Mints are 100% vegan, sugar-free and aspartame-free.

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Your Compass Team