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A sensation for all Powermints enthusiasts: Compass Intense is back in the lineup! Although these intense mints have only been on the market for just under a year, they sold out so quickly that we were amazed ourselves. In this blog post, you’ll learn everything about the return of Compass Intense and what makes these mints so special.

Compass Intense: The Rush and Enthusiasm
Hardly had we introduced Compass Intense when they became an absolute hit. Our customers were thrilled with the intense flavors and unique tablet shape. However, the demand was so high that Compass Intense sold out faster than we had expected. This showed us just how much you love these mints.

The Comeback: Where Quality Meets Innovation
Compass Intense stays true to its tradition by combining the proven quality of Compass Mints with a touch of innovation. The new, larger tin with its 3D micro-embossing and golden wax seal not only provides a visual experience but also delivers a tactile sensation. Each tin is a small work of art that underscores the quality of our mint pastilles.

Longer-Lasting Refreshment: The New Tablet Shape
One of the most exciting innovations of Compass Intense is the larger tablet shape. Compared to Compass Classic, these pastilles are twice as large, allowing for slow dissolution in the mouth. This guarantees even longer-lasting refreshment and intensifies the flavor experience. A single mint can accompany you for an extended period.

Order Now and Act Quickly!
Since Compass Intense sold out so quickly, we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience these intense mints. Order today and secure your tins of Compass Intense for intensely refreshing moments.

Your Compass Team