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Quality is the cornerstone of Powermints – the company uses high-quality ingredients to ensure that Compass Mints not only provide fresh breath, but also have a great and long-lasting taste.

Quality of Ingredients

For over 45 years, Powermints has produced high-quality mint pastilles that provide long-lasting fresh breath. The company uses special production methods that incorporate natural essential oils and real fruit powder to ensure an authentic taste of the products. The pure menthol, which is a component of all Compass Mints flavors, brings quite a lot of tears of joy to the employees’ eyes. 😉

Sustainability and Environment

Powermints places great emphasis on sustainability and has firmly integrated it into its corporate philosophy. The company is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing its impact on it. For example, Powermints uses recyclable materials for the Compass Mints packaging. The company has also been actively involved in reforesting forests since this year to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change. For more information, check out the Powermints company video. Your Compass Team 💚