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We all know that veganism is a trend that has been around for a while. In recent years, this trend has become increasingly popular because many people think more environmentally conscious and want to do their very personal part to preserve our planet.

At Powermints, we have also made it our task to ensure the friendliest possible interaction with the environment: we are committed to the resources of our earth and, more than ever, to careful selection of our raw materials.

It is precisely for this reason that we have been dealing with the topic of “vegan mints” for some time, so that everyone can really enjoy our products.

That’s why our Compass Fresh Mints are finally vegan and that’s by no means the only advantage of our mint pastilles.

Our breath mints not only offer a vegan and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional peppermints, but they are also sugar and aspartame-free. A bonus for those wanting to avoid the refined sugar found in many breath mints.

In addition, we also pay attention to naturalness when choosing the different flavors and only use natural essential oils.

We stand for the highest quality across the board.

Your Powermints team