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We couldn’t be more excited to announce that a documentary is being shot with and about us on behalf of the national German newspaper Die Welt.

Together with the team from TBD Media we already had the first day of shooting for this documentary. Elsa Löwdin and Amnon (Nono) Bikovsky from TBD Media Germany undoubtedly did their best to present our team and our company perfectly.

Of course we don’t want to withhold the first glimpses of this shoot from you. But just see for yourself what happened behind the scenes.

Exciting interviews with our employees:

Deep insights into our production:

Interviews with our marketing team:

… and of course our directing manager Jannis Theileis showed himself from his best side:

We are already looking forward to the further days of shooting and will of course keep you informed as soon as the publication date of the documentary is known.

Your Powermints-Team