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Peach – The absolute “Compass” favorite

Peach – The absolute “Compass” favorite

Peach is one of the absolute favorites among the fruits so it’s no surprise that “Peach” is also one of the most popular flavors in our “Compass Mint” range.

Biting into a juicy, sweet peach on a hot summer day is the ultimate summer feeling for many. Not only are peaches refreshing and pretty good-looking, they also have a number of other remarkable properties. In its country of origin, China, the peach is seen as a symbol for a long life, happiness and protection. Did you know that peaches are older than mankind?

Quite a remarkable stone fruit, we would say, but that’s not all:

Peaches strengthen the immune system
In addition to calcium, potassium and magnesium as well as vitamins A, B1 and B2, peaches also contain plenty of vitamin C to strengthen the body’s defenses.

Beautiful skin thanks to peaches
“You have skin like a peach!” Is a compliment we all like to hear. The best part: There is actually some truth behind it, because peaches contain a good amount of vitamin C and vitamin E. These improve and protect the skin and slow down skin aging.

Lose weight with peaches
If you want to lose a few pounds, you should definitely eat peaches. Peaches contain 0% fat and are high in fiber, which aids digestion and reduces food cravings.

There isn’t even enough space in this article to list all the advantages of the peach – but what we can say with certainty: Peach is quite a super fruit.

In case you’re in the mood for peaches, you should go for “Compass Peach” right away.