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Winter season has started – the perfect time to dedicate a blog post to the refreshing compound menthol. Here you can find out what menthol does and why it is part of our ingredient list. 

Menthol – a brief history

Menthol is a natural chemical compound derived from the oils of peppermint, spearmint, and other plants. Menthol was first sourced in 1878 by chemists tasked with isolating it as an artificial flavouring for tobacco products and as an ingredient in medicine used to relieve symptoms of respiratory diseases such as the common cold and bronchitis.

Menthol is so special because it has a strong cooling effect. Because of this effect, it is often used in throat drops, ointments and toothpaste. For our Compass Mints, it ensures long-lasting freshness in the mouth.

Mint Health and Wellness Benefits

Menthol is a powerful topical anaesthetic that creates a strong chilling sensation on surfaces. This cold sensation is caused by the activation of cold-sensitive nerve endings. In addition to its refreshing effects, menthol also has other health benefits such as relieving sore muscles and respiratory disease symptoms as well as aiding digestion.

Get your fresh kick in your favourite Compass flavour!

Your Compass Team