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Here in Germany, winter is just around the corner. The first snow has already fallen and it’s about time to wrap yourself in thick winter clothes again.

In order to be able to experience the taste of winter, you don’t need the cold and meter-high walls of snow in front of your door. Our “Compass Fresh Mints Spearmint Ice” or “The icebreaker to go” contains everything you need to experience the ultimate winter feeling.

A sweet, cool ice aroma is combined with the taste of the aromatic, spicy spearmint.

Like all other ingredients in our Fresh Mints, spearmint is a real miracle. For example, the ingredients of mint have an antiseptic, blood circulation, antispasmodic, analgesic, expectorant and digestive effect.

The taste of spearmint is also less pungent than that of peppermint. For everyone who doesn’t like it spicy but still refreshing, Spearmint Ice is the right choice of mint.

Another great benefit? The characteristic taste creates the feeling of freshly brushed teeth – always and everywhere.