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The absolute freshness kick – eucalyptus oil


The absolute freshness kick – eucalyptus oil

When it comes to refreshment, eucalyptus really has it all. Eucalyptus oil is therefore exactly the right ingredient for our Compass “Menthol Extra Strong“.

The oil is extracted from the eucalyptus tree native to subtropical areas of Australia, Tasmania and Indonesia. There are over 600 different types of eucalyptus in total. As a medicinal plant, however, the blue eucalyptus is primarily used. The eucalyptus tree is also a real survivor: after cutting it down, it grows back quite quickly.

Eucalyptus oil is mainly known for its refreshing properties. It was used in earlier times as a disinfectant and in wound treatment because of its antiseptic properties. Today, the dried leaves of older eucalyptus trees and the essential oil extracted from the fresh leaves and twig tips are used as herbal medicines.

The ingredients such as the essential oils, tannins and bitter substances are disinfecting, antiseptic, but also lower blood sugar. The oil in particular is often used in cough and cold preparations such as candies, ointments, capsules or in products for inhalation.

Due to the great demand, there are also eucalyptus oils that do not only contain natural ingredients. However, these cannot subsequently achieve the same effect as real eucalyptus oil.

At Compass, we’re always using natural ingredients for our mint pastilles. With the eucalyptus oil contained in our Compass “Menthol Extra Strong”, we also pay attention to where it comes from and how it was processed. This is the only way the mint pastille can provide an absolute kick of freshness.
Experience the natural taste of eucalyptus and try Compass “Menthol Extra Strong“.