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Powermints 1st Live Event “You Were Mint to Be”

Powermints 1st Live Event “You Were Mint to Be”

With 2021 just starting, we at Powermints are looking confidently ahead into the future. Why? Simply, because with each challenge comes a new opportunity.

In the past year each and every one of us had to adapt to a completely new world. Not only our private life suddenly changed but also the way of work and doing business had to adapt. Powermints GmbH continues to refrain from attending any trade fairs nationally or internationally. Still, the interest on our products remains high.

In light of this, we’re excited to host our first ever Online Live Event “You Were Mint To Be” on the 24th of February. 

We want you to know more about our business, our philosophy and the way we produce our high quality mints. We will also be hosting a live interview with one of our international customers who’d like to give you insights into how our products are still successfully sold despite all challenges we have to face during this pandemic.

As this is an open public event, please feel free to invite all your business partners who might be interested in getting to know us and our products.

You can also find more information here:

In the meantime we wish you a great and successful start into the new year and hope to welcome you at our Online Event.

Your “Powermints”-Team