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Our Compass Mints are small powerhouses full of benefits. They have a positive influence on oral and dental health in particular and ensure fresh breath and healthy teeth. 

PH neutralizing benefits

In addition to the ingredient mint, which already has a positive effect on fresh breath and oral hygiene, all Compass products contain the sugar substitute xylitol. This active ingredient has a PH-neutralizing effect and thus helps to inhibit caries.

This works in such a way that the PH value in the mouth gets neutralized and acids can no longer attack the enamel as well as before. So, Compass Mints help with dental care!

That doesn’t mean you should swap your toothbrush for mints, though. 😉 Nevertheless, Compass Mints are perfect companions in everyday life. They’re good for dental care, freshen breath on the go, are super compact and easy to take with you anywhere. They also taste good and, above all, last a long time and are available in different flavours.

All Compass products can be found in our online shop.

Have fun choosing!

Your Compass Team