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Compass Mints are now VEGAN

Mint oil – The natural miracle in our Pastilles

Mint oil – The natural miracle in our Pastilles

The positive effects of mint to the human body has already been known for thousands of years. Mint was even already found in graves of Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt to help them travel to the world beyond.

There are many different types of mint but without a doubt everyone knows the famous peppermint. Peppermint arose accidentally as a cross between spearmint and water mint. The biologist John Ray first discovered it in 1696 in an English garden and until now everyone is still delighted about its special healing powers.

The most famous ingredient of all mints is menthol. Nowadays it is mostly used for nausea and gastro-intestinal complaints as well as a relief from cramps and flatulence. On top of that, inhalation of mint oil helps with inflammation in the mucous membranes and airways.

The external use of mint oil promises a lot of benefits. It improves the blood circulation and has a relaxing effect. If you suffer from muscle cramps, muscular tension or tension headaches mint oil is the right ingredient to use for a fast cure.

Our Pastilles only contain the best ingredients

A medical plant with such diverse benefits like mint could not be missing in our Compass Mints. We mostly use the essential oil of the mint which gently sourced by steam extraction to maintain the high quality of the mint.

Our mint oil from India has not only proven pharma quality but also fulfils the standards of the “International Fragrance Association“. Most importantly: it impresses with its fresh taste and natural scent.

That is what makes Compass Mints unmistakably delicious.