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Mint Candy Brings You to the Art

Mint Candy Brings You to the Art

German luxury mint candy made with unique essential oils that have been handed down since 1970. Meet the art world of contemporary artist Lee Jun-won.

LEE JUN WON, Contemporary artist

Joon-Won Lee, who paints intense and spiritual images with the theme of Totem Series, is a young contemporary artist who draws the story of beings with explosive energy mixed with the finiteness of life, fear and courage, overcoming and adaptation. He has active exhibitions at Villadeji in France, the National Museum of Art, the Grand Palace, the KMCA, and the K Museum of Contemporary Art, and promotes his own unique worldview on the domestic, French and American stages.

Compass Mint Candy

Compass is a brand of a German mint candy manufacturer that has produced only mints for breathing and refreshing using natural essential oils developed in-house since 1976.
It is sold with excellent quality certification in more than 40 countries around the world, and holds IFS international food
certification and halal certification. Compass Mint Candy is a healthy candy made with natural essential oils and added xylitol to provide the ultimate in refreshment and no artificial colors, preservatives, sugar, aspartame, and lactose.