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intense pure honest clean taste.

Compass Intense

Compass Intense is the latest Powermints creation, merging the traditional well-know quality of Compass Mints together with the birth of a completely new, redesigned tin as well as a new intense form of tablets. The new elegant, yet larger, tin comes with a new innovative 3D micro-embossing, that allows for a sensational haptic experience of touch. Each flavour has an underlying mint leaf design, that allows one to feel the microstructure of the leaf in its embossment. A golden wax-seal highlights the guaranteed quality of the natural(ly) flavoured Mints.

The mints themselves have doubled in size, compared to the ‘Compass Classic’ edition. With refined recipes, like using the finest Italian peppermint oil or real natural lemon extracts, plus having the double sized tablet, Compass Intense is bursting with flavour, dissolves slower in the mouth, and guarantees fresh breath for even longer. Hence it’s – INTENSE!

Intense flavour

...using the finest Italian peppermint oil

Natural Ingredients

Compass Intense BLACK Menthol

Bold, fierce and courageous – the INTENSE Menthol flavour is setting new standards for any strong mint. Using pure menthol, 100% natural essential peppermint and eucalyptus oil, we not only believe, but we know: this is the strongest Mint out there in the market.

Compass Intense GREEN Peppermint

In sourcing the best high quality raw ingredients, we made sure our core ingredient ‘Peppermint Oil’ is of its finest source. Using the sweeter yet fresher Italian peppermint plant, Mentha x piperita ‘Mitcham’, this is the most traditional flavour in our ‘INTENSE’ range but certainly also the most loved.

Compass Intense RED Wildberry Mints

Natural, carefully dehydrated berries from the forest, are being used to created this INTENSE fruitful flavour. Pleasantly sweet yet refreshingly mild making it the premium fruit flavour in this range.

Compass Intense YELLOW Lemon

Our high-quality lemon mints are made with only the finest ingredients and are guaranteed to leave your mouth feeling refreshed and energised. Each mint is carefully crafted with pure lemons to provide the perfect amount of citrusy lemon flavour, making them the perfect INTENSE choice for anyone who loves the taste of fresh, tangy citrus.