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1976 – 2021: 45 Years Powermints

1976 – 2021: 45 Years Powermints

Yes, you read that right. Powermints is celebrating its 45th anniversary and we can’t hardly believe it ourselves. It all started with the founding of  Kräutica Pharma GmbH & Co. KG by Peter Oeij in 1976. Back then and until today, the use of natural ingredients is our highest priority.

Throughout the years many different products hit the market like a liquid freshener in 1979 or our first convenient pastilles called „Frisk“ in 1986. We continued to develop and in 1996 we set out to finally conquer the whole world with our new brand “Frésh”.

In 2003 Compass comes to life – the new freshness pastille in a stylish metal box. Since an addition to the Powermints-Family also needed more space, production halls were converted and expanded in 2004. We kept modernizing and adapting our production over the years. Sustainability and efficiency were very important to us from an early stage.

New visions – more power

In 2011 Powermints GmbH was established and still is in existence until today. Since that year we’re heading into a future full of new possibilities. Especially since the beginning of the corona pandemic we have been on a digital course and have completely adapted our company to the new situation. A situation that challenges us all, but also has great potential.

We don’t want to be stopped and want to stay in contact with our customers, even if we are currently unable to attend trade fairs. All of our meetings have been held online since the beginning of the pandemic and we’re even going one step further.

Our first online live event will take place on February 24th. A digital trade fair, so to speak, at which we give existing and of course potential new customers a very deep insight into our company.

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We look forward to starting into a whole new future with you and hope to see you at our online event on February 24th.

 Your Powermints-Team