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The Compass Summer Highlights

The Compass Summer Highlights

Temperatures are rising, flip-flops and shorts are being pulled out again. Summer 2021 seems to be a good one, even despite the pandemic. It seems nothing stands in the way of your summer vacation. Regardless of whether you are going to Italy, Greece or Spain, one travel companion should definitely not be missing: Compass Mints.

Reason enough for us to share our favourite Compass summer varieties with you.


“Sour makes funny.” – There is actually quite a lot of truth behind this german quote. It has been proven that just the scent of lemons improves mood and boosts energy. And what else do you need on a summer vacation than a good mood and lots of energy for new adventures? Compass Lemon is without a doubt the perfect travel companion.


Peppermint is the best way to cool down when there is no pool, lake or ocean around. With Compass Spearmint Ice you can keep a cool head even in hot temperatures. The mint oil contained in the pastilles ensures a great feeling of freshness.


Hardly any other fruit arouses more summer feelings than the peach. No wonder, after all, the peach not only looks particularly pretty, but is also an ideal summer refreshment. Compass Peach is simply the perfect companion for a short summer feeling in between.

Did you know that Compass Mints are also good for your bikini body? With only 1 calorie per lozenge, you can always enjoy Compass Mints whenever you need a little refreshment.